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Are those women real? - YES THEY ARE !

We are asked this question many times over and over again. Why? The answer is simple - there is a number of "agencies" in internet which are softly saying unhonest (in fact they are scammers). They   advertise photomodels in their sites as Russian women interested in marriage, they write letters instead of women, and so on. Once being a client of such "agency" (or at least you heard about those agencies) you may think that all agencies operating in territory of Former USSR are the same, and that's why you ask this : are women in your agency real?

I can answer you : YES, THEY ARE REAL! We do not have photos of models in our catalog, we never publish a profile if we have any doubts that the woman is real. We cooperate with more 10 agencies (look at About US page) in different cities and countries of Former USSR, and those agencies are in direct contact with ladies - they see them personally! We cooperate only with well established marriage agencies which have good reputation. And if we have any doubts about about women they have, we ask agency to send us a copy of this woman passport. You can see an example here (personal data is removed for privacy).

And I am saying you one more time - we have only REAL marriage-minded Russian women in our catalog


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