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Beautiful Russian Women Dating Agency

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Are those women real?
A : Yes, they are. All women on this site are actively trying to find a foreign man for marriage. We update our database on a regular basis and we have only women who are actively looking for a husband.


Q: I didn't fully understand the charges for your services. If I am a member do I have to pay you for sending letters or for addresses?
A : If you are a member you do not have to pay us any additional fees for sending letters - you can send as many letters as you want directly to the women you will choose from our album. As a member you will also have instant access to database with women addresses.


Q: How many women should I write to, to get a response?
A : You can write to as many women as you want and if you are a member it will cost you nothing. Based on experience we can say that if you write to only one or two ladies, you are  limiting your chances. It is a good idea to write to about 10 ladies you like and include a good photo of yourself.


Q: I want to pay for your services using my credit card. Can I be sure that paying by credit card using internet is secure because there are so many hackers out there?
A : We can guarantee you that all transactions are 100% save and secure. We use services of American company I-Bill which offers highest protection available for online transactions.


Q: I want to write a letter to the woman but she have only a postal address. I want her to receive my letter as fast as possible. Can you help me?
A : If you want her to receive your letter as fast as possible then you should use our mail-forwarding service. In this case lady will get your letter within day or two, and if she answers quickly you will get a reply within two - three days. Just compare it with ordinary postal mail - at least 2 - 3 weeks for your letter to be delivered, at least 2 - 3 weeks for lady's reply to be delivered back to, cost over 15 USD.



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